The Podium 2018-06-23
Date: 2018-06-24
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Dear members! Nice day at the course. Winner today with 69 net was Daniel Sunden. In second place with 70 net was Kenneth Andersson and third with 72 net was Dan Söderberg! Best guest was Linus (Something) with 76 and the rake went to Alexander Lundin! Best regards Jens Nielsen
Pos Player Score Points
Daniel Sundén-Cullberg 69 0
Kenneth Andersson 70 0
Dan Söderberg 72 0
Stefan Tjellander 74 0
Morgan Persson 76 0
Anders Pontén 77 0
Jens Nielsen 78 0
Micke Andersson 86 0
Alexander Lundin 92 0
Jim Broberg 0 0

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