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Date: 2018-12-11
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Stefan Tjellander
Mr. Bridgestone is a good golfer who has been a frequent guest for many years and finally got to be a member. High ambition and his list with swing thouhgts is always with him on the course. The winner of Naga Grand Prix 07-08.
Nationality: Swedish
Status: Normal member

Rank: 2
GP Points: 24.33
Appearances: 5

Pos Tournament Score Points
2018-12-08 31 4.5
9 2018-12-01 31 0
2018-11-24 36 6.33
2018-11-10 34 10
5 2018-10-27 35 3.5
GP: 24.33
Total: 24.33
This site was created for the members and all our golfing friends around the world.
This is a way of keeping track of what we do and have done at Los Naranjos on our saturdays.
Please be welcome to contact our Captain Jens Nielsen.