Tournament 2018-11-17
Date: 2019-07-20
Running Grand Prix
Grand Prix 2018-2019
Pos Player Score Points
Kenneth Andersson 39 9
Martin Lövfenhaft 39 9
Mats Lindström 38 6
Ralph Hammar 35 4.5
Peter Linder 35 4.5
6 Morgan Persson 32 3
7 Hans Fagerlund 29 1.5
- Vigert Larsson 29 1.5
9 Gösta Fredriksson 28 0
- Thommy Nylander 25 0
- Jens Nielsen 24 0
- Leif Hultqvist 24 0
Dear members. Today was thinking to have a minute of silence because one of other old friend and member passed away this week! Björn Johansson R.I.P! Hopefully will more of his friends show up next week so we can have it then! Best today were Kenneth Andersson and Martin Löfvenhaft with 39 points. In third place with 38 ponts was Marts Lindström. Bst guests were Peter Gustavson ana Stefan Wennerholm also with 39 points. The rake went to Jens Nielsen and Leif Hultqvist with 24 points! Best regards Jens Nielsen.

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