Nueva Andalucia Golfers Association


NAGA Rules and Regulations



The Society has been founded by a group of friends with the intention of playing
a weekly competition on Saturdays at Los Naranjos Golf Club in Nueva Andalucia.
The aim of the Society is to, through the game of golf bring men of different nationality
and profession together and thereby nourish common interests,
social contacts and good comradeship


The Society is governed by a Committee consisting of 3, 4 or 5 persons. The Committee
is elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting. Each Committee member
is elected for a period of two years. On a rolling basis two Committee members are
elected every second year and three members are elected every second year.
The AGM takes place every year in October.
The Committee elects one President within the Committee and one captain.
The decisions in the Committee are taken by a majority vote.


The maximum number of members shall be 50 not counting the honorary and club director membership .
The members is expected to participate in various activities organized by the Society.
If a member repeatedly neglects the activates of the Society the Committee has the
right to exclude this member. Any decision taken in this respect must be unanimous.
The Annual Subscription and weekly Sweep Stake for the following year will be decided
by the Committee in October. The Annual Subscription must be paid before end
of November. Members who have not paid their subscription may not play.


Any person who wishes to become a member of the Society must have played a
reasonable amount of times as a guest and must be proposed by two members.
The committee votes on new members. Previous NAGA members, who have voluntarily
resigned, have priority when new members is to be elected.
All new members has to be members of Los Naranjos GC.
New members must pay an entrance fee in addition to the annual subscription.
The entrance fee is decided by the Committee in October for the following year.
In the event of there being no place available for new members in the Society, the
applicant will be placed on a waiting list. Members of Los Naranjos Golf Club will
have priority on this list.


Guests of members will be allowed to play in the Society Competitions on Saturdays
but not eligible to enter the Society sweep.
Any member who has a guest is treated by the rule " first in on the morning plays ".
Subsequently in the event of being too many players for the starting times available
the guests who came last will not play.
The guest fee will be decided by the Committee in October for the following year.
A portion of the guest fee will be taken as a contribution to the Society.
All other rules related to the Members right to invite guests to different Society activities
will be decided by the Committee.


The Society has an adequate number of starting times at Los Naranjos Golf Club every
Saturday morning. Every member and his guest must register at the Club not later
then 45 minutes before the first starting time. The Captain will make a draw approximately
30 minutes prior to the first tee off time to determinate the order of play.
The captain has the right to arrange the draw in special cases.
Any member who arrives less than 30 minutes before the starting time will not have the
right to enter the draw and his participation will be at the Captains discretion.


Green fees for the Society members and it's guests will be negotiated on a yearly
basis with Los Naranjos Golf Club.

On Saturday mornings the Captain or person appointed in his place will collect the
entry fees and arrange the starting times. For this work the Captain is remunerated
by not having to pay his entrance fee to the weekly Society Competition.


Every Society Competition will be played in accordance with the rules of The Royal
and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.
The Committee decides in consolation with the Golf Club the local rules for each
competition organized by the Society.
The handicaps will be adjusted according to the rules of the Spanish Federation.
Any protest that occur on the Society's competition's will be settled by the


Each year in October the Committee will decide what competitions The Society will
play the coming year and what prizes there will be at the different competitions.
The Committee will thereafter duly inform the Members of the Competition calendar
and prizes for each competition.


As in all golfing Societies a high level of etiquette, both on and of the course is
expected from all Members. If at any time a Member fails to meet the rules of etiquette
he is liable to receive a warning from the Committee. A second breech could effect
expulsion from the Society.


Annual Accounts will be prepared and presented at the AGM in October each year.
The Committee is responsible for the allocations of funds in line with discussions
and suggestions at the Society's AGM.

Nueva Andalucia
October 14th 2016